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What are Embellished Prints?

Embellished prints are prints of the original art either on canvas, specialty paper, or any other printing surface that have accents added using various mediums such as gold leaf, acrylic paint, oil paint, or texture medium. This gives buyers the opportunity to own a piece of art without having to spend a lot of money on the original piece. Often, embellished prints are embellished by the artists themselves to give the print that special touch of originality and texture. This also makes the art piece available in various sizes and finishes that may be different from the original piece.

The above image shows the original painting “Hay Bales”, painted in acrylic on 9”x12”watercolor paper.

The above image shows a canvas print of the same painting, printed on a 30”x40” gallery wrapped canvas and placed in a floating frame. It is hand-embellished by the artist and might show a similar texture to the original painting.

Embellished prints can add that special touch to any space. Frances Yvette Art offers multiple options for both originals and embellished prints. Browse through our catalog and discover the possibilities for your home or office space.

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