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Changing Art Styles

My sister recently moved to North Carolina and I offered to make a painting for her new home. I like making landscape paintings of local scenes and so I asked her if there was a particular place that she would like me to paint. The Blue Ridge Mountains was the easiest answer!

I chose to use my Arteza watercolor paints since I found the chalkiness of the paints to be just the effect that I wanted for this particular painting. I often use my Mijello Mission Gold palette, but since I wanted a more modern And contemporary feel to it, Arteza was just the right choice. A lot of artists Would often consider the “chalkiness to be a negative quality when it comes to watercolor, but I guess it really depends on what you want to do. I wanted a more tactile, almost rough quality to the painting To show the brushstrokes.

If you look at my previous paintings, especially the ones done in watercolor, you would find this painting to be very different. Almost like it was painted by a completely different artist. I’ve heard so many different advices when it comes to developing my own style of art, so that it is more easily recognizable. I just can’t help but try different ways of doing it, though. My husband, and anyone who knows me really well can tell you, I can’t stick to a routine. That’s just against my nature.

I’ve yet to visit the Blue Ridge Mountains. The plan is to visit this summer. A full on road trip with the my husband and our girls, with lots of stops, and lots of paintings along the way!

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