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Canvas Prints

Choose from a variety of canvas prints of art by Yvette Haberlein.  High-quality and archival, all prints are made with sturdy stretcher bars and thick canvases. Inks are highly pigmented and last for decades.  Pick the right size for your space. All Canvas prints are ready to hang. Frames are not included.



All canvas prints are made to order and take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to arrive at your doorstep. I work with a printing company that prints my artwork which they then send to me first for embellishments and quality checks before they are sent to you. I want to make sure every print is of highest quality and is free from damages.

What are embellished prints?

Embellished prints are prints of the original art either on canvas, specialty paper, or any other printing surface that have accents added using various mediums such as gold leaf, acrylic paint, oil paint, or texture medium. This gives buyers the opportunity to own a piece of art without having to spend a lot of money on the original piece. Often, embellished prints are embellished by the artists themselves to give the print that special touch of originality and texture. This also makes the art piece available in various sizes and finishes that may be different from the original piece.

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